Mobile Gambling and Poker

Grasping Poker Terminologies

When you play poker, you have to be equipped with loads of poker terminologies so you will not be left behind during the game. The following are the basic poker terminoligies to help you get started with this game:

Action When the dealer asks you, "What is your action?," it only means that they are waiting for your next move.

All in All in is when you are no longer left with any chips because have placed them all in your betting.

Bot Bot is the short for robot. This refers to a poker game which does not have any human intervention.

Buy This is a move which can either be buying or raising a pot.

Buy in A buy in is the fee that you need to pay to be able to join a poker game.

Call A call is a move which refers to betting an amount of money which is equal to the last amount of money raised by another player.

Chat This is a feature offered by the online version of a poker game. This gives you the chance to be able to communicate with your fellow players despite the distance that separates you all.

Check This term has two meanings. The first one refers to your move of not betting a certain amount of money. The other term refers to the word chip in poker chip.

Dead Money A dead money is the amount of money which has been given by a player who is no longer part of the game. It also refers to a player who has the lesser chances of winning the game.

Dog A dog is a short term for underdog.

Equity Equity is a term which means your likely share of the pot. For instance, the pot is $100 and you are likely to win it by 50%. That means you have $50 as equity. Heads up Heads up refers to a competition between two players who are both aiming for the pot.

Out Out refers to your card which could enable your hand to win.

Outrun Outrun simply means to beat.

Pocket A pocket refers to the cards that could likely make you win. However, these cards are not seen by anyone else but you.

Rank A rank refers to the value of your cards.

Satellite A satellite is a poker game which does not give out cash prizes to the winner. A satellite game would enable the winner to get a chance to participate in another poker tournament.

Time Time refers to a request by any player to pause the game for a while as he thinks about his next action.