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Detect the Poker Cheater; Cheating Basics

No matter if you are a dealer or a dedicated player, cheating is always on the blacklist of ways to win a poker game and detecting a cheater can easily be done with an observant eye. There are minor and major cheating methods that the players have adopted over time and we will give you an overview on the different cheating methods and how you can easily detect them and battle them.

One of the most common poker cheating methods that a poker cheater uses is called rubbernecking. This means that the poker cheater tries to look at the cards of the other players and of the opponents. The rubbernecking method can easily be detected by other players and reported immediately to the dealer of the poker table. Usually such poker cheaters will be removed right away or give one warning to stop the rubbernecking.

Another method a poker cheater can cheat is by messing with the pot. This can be done in actually betting less at poker than you called or taking more chips than you are supposed to. This method can also be caught with a watchful eye, hence it is very important to have a dealer stand by the poker game at all times to have a better supervision of the overall game.

The most radical method of a poker cheater is marking cards. This can be done in any way, with a marker or simply by folding, scratching or ripping the cards. The cards that are usually marked by poker cheaters are aces, jokers or other high cards. Once you see any markings on the poker cards, its best to call upon the attention of the dealer or any pit supervisor that you see around the casino.

A poker cheater generally breaks the poker game rules on purpose if any other way of cheating fails. This means that poker hands are not being valued accordingly or the poker cheater intentionally distracts all the other players so that the poker cheater can smuggle another valuable card into his hand without anybody noticing it. Poker cheaters are generally dishonest and will try to lie themselves out of a bad poker hand.

You should also be aware of poker cheater duos or trios. Poker cheaters can be in a group were they are share the winning that they have made in an evening. One poker cheater is generally a good player and the other is there for distraction and all the other cheating methods.

Whenever you have recognized a cheating method on a person, you should inform the poker dealer or the floor supervisor in the casino so that this person can be dealt with accordingly.