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Pot Limit Omaha Tactics

A lot of newcomers to Pot Limit Omaha often find the game quite complex, more so than others, what with the betting and winning hands so different. However, the key is really knowing the basic rules, and then employing the right strategies to aid your hand.

A great deal of your Pot Limit Omaha tactics revolves around the bets. Remember that it is constrained to the current size of the pot, and most players simply bet that amount, However, there will be times and instances wherein you can and will want to bet less than that.

For instance, if you are certain that your hand is the nuts, and you want the pot to grow some more, then you can make a modest call or raise so that your Omaha opponent, who thinks he has the strongest hand, will raise the stakes even more. Because you need to form the winning hand from two of your own and from the board, it is important to take stock of exactly what you have.

When developing your Pot Limit Omaha tactic, it is important that you pay attention to the players involved. Assessing the other players is as important as the cards that you get. The more you play your opponents, the more that you will recognize their tendencies, and you will be able to include this in your Omaha strategies.

Although you will see these traits eventually, you should try to study them as early as you can. Learn who bluffs, easily bluffed, those who are too passive; there will be those who are very loose, and those Omaha players whom you can turn into calling stations.

If you are playing against a fish, then concentrate your Pot Limit Omaha tactics on him and extract as much cash as you can. Those who you see bluff frequently should be met with raises. The same aggressive style should be used against tight players.

Your Pot Limit Omaha tactics should also include the fundamentals, things which some new players forget. If you got a strong hand pre flop, then raise big and do not let it go to waste. If you have a weak hand, you can consider bluffing, but be wary. The fact that straights and top pairs are easy to draw means you will likely be called down.

The point here is that part of your Pot Limit Omaha tactic should include the option to just fold. If all you have are As, Ac, 2h and 8d, and someone raises big, then folding may be the best option. In Omaha, bluffing your way through often means you are just going to throw money away.

Another point that needs to be emphasized is that you cannot rely to heavily on AAs or AKs in your Pot Limit Omaha tactics. While these are very favorable in Limit Holdem, they are of a lesser value here.

Pot Limit Omaha tactics may be strikingly different from Texas No Limit, but they can be learned just the same. One just has to be patient, and with perseverance, you will be able to master and implement them, the way you do with other Poker games.