Mobile Gambling and Poker

Another indication to the fact that mobile gambling is the next big trend in the world of gambling is the recent collaboration between Harrah's, the gambling and poker giant and Glu, a mobile content provider. Harrah's the proud owner of the rights to the world renowned World Series of Poker tournament has decided to spread further into the world of mobile gambling content. The recent agreement with Glu is sure to produce many interesting innovations ranging from mobile gambling programs and mobile casino s and up to a brand new mobile poker platform. Harrah's, a gambling giant by its own right is sure to know what it is doing when venturing to the world of online gambling.

Harrah's had a huge part in turning online poker and poker in general to be as popular as it is today. The winner of their endorsed World Series of Poker tournament has won his way to the big money by winning various online poker tournaments that granted him the desired sit in the biggest poker tournament in the world. Hence, Harrah's are probably more than qualified to spot a good venture in the mobile poker and mobile gambling industry.