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Pokers for Beginners

Poker originated from the United States, through it is based on antecedents several hundred years old. The appeal of poker is based on the fundamental of human nature, according to psychologists, as throughout the game a player is wagering directly that he can beat all other contestants with the card they hold. The various hands which can dealt are rated according to a fixed scale of values, based on the relative frequency which certain combinations of cards occur and recur in the dealing following a thorough shuffling of a standard 52-card deck.

Despite the different kinds of poker, gamers can always count of the similarities and their common denominator and it is the fact that in every game there will be a dealer that would give cards to all the gamers, and each and everyone of these gamers will try to out smart and out wit each other by bluffing, dealing, raising the bet and even dropping out of the game.

It's a plus that if you're a first timer or a newbie in a casino the color and denomination of the "chips" is an important fact to know. Chips are usually in several colors, the white having the lowest value, the red chip is equal to five whites, and a blue to ten. Sometimes yellow chips of higher value are used.

Ordinarily in a casual game, one player will act as a banker, distributing the chips to the other players and redeeming them when they are returned at the end of play. Chips may be assigned money value, ranging from the lowest fraction of a cent to any amount imaginable.

In all forms of the game, the rank of the various combinations of cards in a poker hand, from the highest to the lowest, are as follows: -Royal flush A-K-Q-J-10 of the same unit -Straight flush- any five cards of the same suit in sequence. -Four of a kind -Full house- three of a kind plus a pair (example three kings and two 5's) -Flush- any five cards all of the same suit but not in sequence. -Straight- any five cards in sequence, but not all of the same suit. The ace may be either above the king or below the deuce. -Three of a kind -Two pairs -One pair -High card- the highest card determines the winner; in case of a tie, the next highest or so on.

When hands of same combinations meet, the combination having the highest cards wins; when full houses meets, the highest three of a kind win; when two pairs meet, the highest pair wins; and when combinations are tied, the highest unmatched card decides. If still in doubt of your newly acquired skill, it would be best to visit online poker sites and casinos to at least test your self before betting in the actual casinos.

Poker is considered and categorized as a gambling game, through there is a factor of skill in both the strategy and tactics of poker, as well as in estimating the strength of opponents hands from a player's known habits and mannerisms, and misleading opponents regarding the strengths or weakness of ones own hand.